WorldClassroom is featured in ResorTechOkinawa.

WorldClassroom is featured in ResorTechOkinawa as a DX in English education to support students’ language acquisition and reduce teachers’ classroom workload.

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Here are some excerpts from a comment by Mr. Seigo Miyazato, a teacher who uses WorldClassroom.


Mr. Miyazato said: “With the current class structure of several dozen students per class, it is difficult to provide individualized instruction. For example, if all the students ask questions, it is impossible for one person to respond to them. We wondered if we could borrow the power of IT for this. In WorldClassroom, the “My Work” page is especially good because it uses voice recognition technology to read out the correct pronunciation by AI, and it also has a pronunciation grading function, so students can take the initiative in their studies.”

“When I saw the students interacting online with each other overseas, I could tell that they were enjoying the experience of communicating with each other in itself. Because of that excitement, they are motivated to learn more English. It is very important for them to experience the excitement. It may be an opportunity to change the mindset of children who feel they are not good at English.”

“National curriculum guidelines also include the evaluation of students’ attitudes toward independent learning, for which it is essential to record students’ daily learning progress. “My Work” records the number of times each student logs in and their grades at any time, so it should be possible to continuously monitor their learning progress and use it as a basis for evaluation.

He concluded his comment with “we expect that “WorldClassroom” will motivate students to learn and will also greatly reduce the burden on teachers.


HelloWorld, Inc. will continue to strive to increase the number of students who enjoy communicating in English for the realization of a diverse society.