Launch of HelloWorld Rogaining in Osaka

A collaboration with Adera, co. to hold the first HelloWorld Rogaining in Osaka Castle Park/Expo Commemorative Park on October 7th and 8th.

HelloWorld Inc., (headquarters: Okinawa City, Okinawa; representatives: Co-CEO Hikari Nonaka, and Co-CEO Keisuke Tomita) in collaboration with Adera Co., Ltd, an advertising company that leverages diverse media and technologies for transportation and outdoor advertising to deliver information to people accessing the stations, trains and facilities of the Osaka Metro Group, will hold the “HelloWorld Rogaining in Osaka Castle Park/Expo Commemorative Park” for the first time in Osaka on October 7th and 8th.

The two companies aim to turn the “International Exchange HelloWorld Rogaining” into a long term project, contributing to the sustainable development of global human resources and the creation of a lively atmosphere involving the international community in Osaka.

About HelloWorld Rogaining

HelloWorld Rogaining is a mission-based activity that allows elementary, junior high and high school students to walk around the city, engage in intercultural exchange, and practice their English speaking skills while tackling missions with English speakers.

A team of about six students and an English speaker communicate only in English and complete various missions such as finding checkpoints, solving quizzes, filming videos, etc., while competing for points.

So far, the event has been held at Mihama American Village and Shurijo Castle (Okinawa Prefecture), Minato-mirai (Yokohama City) and several other locations. In just over two years, a total of more than 10,000 people have experienced the joy of international exchange through this program. The activity is fun and light-hearted that even children who are beginners can have a good time and enjoy communicating in English.

Event Details

  • Time and Place:
    ① Osaka Castle Park: 7 Oct (Sat) 13:30-16:30 (first 100 applicants, advance booking required);
    ② Expo ’70 Commemorative Park: 8 Oct (Sun) 13:30-16:30 (first 100 applicants, advance booking required)
  • Eligibility: From third grade elementary students to third year high school students

If you are interested in participating in this and upcoming programs as an English Speaker, make sure to apply through the link below and stay updated on upcoming events in the Kansai region.

About HelloWorld Inc.

HelloWorld Inc. is an educational startup company established in Okinawa in 2020. Currently, HelloWorld offers the “HelloWorld Cultural Exchange” program where Japanese students can spend a few days at the houses of international residents of Japan, and “WorldClassroom”, an English learning and international exchange platform connecting schools around the world. While balancing social impact and business, HelloWorld is committed to contributing to a society where diversity is accepted as the starting point for dialogue and innovation.