Appointment of New CPO Shota Suzuki

HelloWorld, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Shota Suzuki as its new Chief Product Officer, effective March 1st 2024.

HelloWorld’s mission of “creating a society in which it is normal to have a friend in every country around the world” has led to the development of programs such as the local homestay program ‘HelloWorld Cultural Exchange Program’, mission-based program ‘Machinaka Rogaining’, and English learning and international exchange platform, ‘WorldClassroom,’ which connects classrooms around the world.

HelloWorld is aiming to contribute to a diverse society by building a global infrastructure of international connections. In order to further enhance the value of each product and maximize impact through improved collaboration between products, we have established the new position of Chief Product Officer (CPO) and are pleased to welcome Mr. Suzuki, who brings extensive Product Management experience. Moving forward, we will strive to engage even more closely with the feedback from our products and users, focusing on enhancing the value we provide.

Message from Shota Suzuki

I’m honored to take on the role of CPO at HelloWorld.

Throughout my career, I’ve dedicated most of my time developing a single web product. Through this experience, I’ve learned the excitement of embodying my aspirations and worldview into a “product,” and accelerating business growth. While ensuring rapid business expansion, my belief remains steadfast in maintaining a service that my family and friends can proudly boast about.

The mission HelloWorld stands for isn’t something easily achievable. Simply saying flowery words won’t bring about change in the world. I see my role as turning our mission into reality, one step at a time. Through our products, I aim to strengthen bonds with both internal and external stakeholders, bringing us closer to achieving our mission.

Shota Suzuki’s Background

Born in Nagoya, Shota Suzuki studied Industrial Design at Nagoya City University’s Faculty of Arts and Design. He joined En Japan Co., Ltd. as a new graduate in 2016. In April 2017, he took on the role of Product Manager for “AMBI,” a scouting job-change service for young high-potential professionals. Over the course of about seven years, he consistently led product development from ideation to scaling, contributing to the service’s growth to over 1.2 million members as of February 2024. His achievements include winning multiple internal awards, including the Annual MVP Award for the fiscal year 2020.