JR East and HelloWorld to Operate Joint “International Train” on 2.17

A joint project offering a train ride of international exchange through all continents to elementary and middle school students.

HelloWorld Inc., an educational startup aiming at “creating a society where it is normal to have friends from every country in the world” (headquarters: Okinawa City, Okinawa; representatives: Co-CEO Hikari Nonaka, and Co-CEO Keisuke Tomita) has been selected to partner with East Japan Railway Company (below: JR East) as a recipient of JR East Start UP Co., Ltd. (CEO: Yutaka Shibata; headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) 2023 Spring Startup Program supporting investments and cooperation to startups. Together, the two companies will operate a special train, named “International Train” to experience cultural exchange and diversity in a fun, all-English mission-based group game.

Aboard this special train, 30 English speakers (international residents of Japan) registered at HelloWorld will participate to offer an international exchange opportunity for spontaneous English speaking practice through conversation and games.

This occasion marks the first in a series of joint commitments between JR East and HelloWorld, with the long-term goal of building a better future for children.

About the program

  • Date: Saturday, February 17th 2024
  • Itinerary: (Utsunomiya Line) Ueno station (departure at 13:20) ⇒ Oyama station (arrival at 14:41; departure at 16:08) ⇒ Ueno station (arrival at 17:30)
  • Available seats: 175 (first-come-first-served basis);
  • Eligibility: third year of elementary school to year grade of middle school

English speakers, HelloWorld Staff and JR East Ueno Train Crew Depot employees will board the train to assist the students.

About the partnership

JR East Group aims to deepen the bonds between railway and local realities, in an effort to shift the role of stations and public transportation from “centers of transport” to “life platforms” as part of the group management vision “Move UP” 2027 concerning lifestyle and urban development.

HelloWorld offers and promotes intercultural exchange through active English language education with the twofold goal to learn about diversity and address the struggles of international residents in connecting with local communities in Japan.

Born from their joint efforts, “International Train” is a first practical look into the ways railway can promote diversity and inclusion, particularly in areas located along train lines.

About HelloWorld Inc.

HelloWorld Inc. is an educational startup company established in Okinawa in 2020. Currently, HelloWorld offers the “HelloWorld Cultural Exchange” program where Japanese students can spend a few days at the houses of international residents of Japan, and “WorldClassroom”, an English learning and international exchange platform connecting schools around the world. While balancing social impact and business, HelloWorld is committed to contributing to a society where diversity is accepted as the starting point for dialogue and innovation.