Co-CEO Tomida Visits Vietnam to Promote the Global Reach of WorldClassroom

The online international exchange platform “WorldClassroom,” that connects classrooms worldwide, has expanded its user base to over 400 schools in 40 countries overseas in addition to 80 schools domestically. It provides numerous students with opportunities to enhance their language skills and understand different cultures.

On March 26 and March 28, 2024, our Co-CEO Tomida visited Vietnam, where WorldClassroom partner schools are located, and personally visited local middle schools. Discussions were held on the use of WorldClassroom for English education at two schools that have previously engaged in online international exchanges.

The first school visited was Vinh Tuong Middle School in Vinh Phuc Province, near the capital Hanoi. This school focuses on improving students’ language abilities and conducts online international exchanges using WorldClassroom. This time, discussions were held with Mr. Nguyen Quang Dao, who has conducted online international exchanges, along with the participating students.

The students commented, “We enjoyed interacting with Japanese students who have different backgrounds from us. We want to continue participating actively.”It was evident that they were having a great time with the international exchange.

The second school visited was Vinh Son Ceramic Middle School in Thanh Hoa Province, located in the northernmost part of central Vietnam. They had a chance to speak with the English teachers of this school.

At overseas schools as well, there are challenges in improving students’ English proficiency and motivation to learn English. By providing opportunities to “use and convey” English through WorldClassroom, we aim to enhance students’ willingness to learn and foster self-directed and exploratory English learning that leads to intercultural understanding.

Going forward, our company will continue to strengthen collaboration with local educational institutions and schools, promoting the further expansion of WorldClassroom partner schools in Vietnam.