WorldClassroom’s New Features Spotlighted on Okinawa Times

HelloWorld’s product WorldClassroom was showcased by Okinawa Times on the special feature “ICT Business Advanced Support in Enhancement Project” published on February 23rd, 2024.

This feature series introduces the projects selected by Okinawa Prefecture’s subsidy program, aimed at enhancing the technological capabilities of local IT businesses and strengthening industrial competitiveness within the prefecture.

WorldClassroom was introduced as an innovative solution for solving time difference and cost challenges in achieving flexible online overseas exchange as an English Learning Platform.

HelloWorld, led by Co-CEOs Hikari Nonaka and Keisuke Tomida, is expanding its intercultural exchange programs and developing an EdTech tool in Okinawa City. ‘WorldClassroom,’ which was launched in 2021, has garnered attention as an online cultural exchange platform that has expanded its user base to approximately 55,000 users across 80 schools since its release.

The primary users attend public junior and senior high schools. With features such as voice recognition technology for reading aloud, grammar checks, and presentation practice, the platform focuses on visualizing students’ speaking and writing skills and streamlining teachers’ tasks. Additionally, it provides opportunities for ‘real-life English education’ by enabling online exchanges with over 200 schools in 40 countries on the platform. Anticipating future business expansion, the FY2023 ICT Business Advanced Enhancement Support Project was used to develop new features that facilitate student interaction.

Tatsuma Konno, manager of the CEO’s office, stated, “We have received numerous requests from the education sector for opportunities for students to interact and share their learning experiences. Our goal moving forward is to provide more opportunities for communication, aiming to offer international exchange experiences to a greater number of children.”

Director of Operations of WorldClassroom, Manaka Osada expressed high hopes, saying, “I would be delighted if students who participate in the program view English as a tool for considering their future careers, opening up possibilities for themselves.”

*This is an English adaptation of an article released on PR Times, dated 10 February 2023. Find the original article in Japanese here.