HelloWorld Donates Sum From HelloWorld Rogaining Proceedings to Shurijo Castle Fund

On March 24th, HelloWorld has donated a sum of the proceedings from its all-English exchange program “HelloWorld Rogaining in Shurijo Castle Park” to the Shurijo Castle Fund, managed by the General Incorporated Foundation Okinawa Churashima Foundation. During an official ceremony, HelloWorld Co-CEO Hikari Nonaka personally entrusted the 108,000 yen donation to Yasuyuki Uezu, Deputy Councilor for the Shuri Castle Division of the Foundation.

Since its first iteration in December 2022, the “HelloWorld Rogaining in Shurijo Castle Park” project has seen the participation of around 500 individuals from Okinawa and beyond. The project’s goal is to explore and enjoy the beauty of the Shurijo Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site representative of Okinawa, solving missions together with English speakers from all over the world in an on-site scavenger hunt type of game.

Furthermore, the project involves mission solving within the paid admission area of the Park in order to also offer participants the chance to observe first-hand the ongoing restoration works of the Seiden (main temple).

Through the “HelloWorld Rogaining in Shurijo Castle Park” HelloWorld will strive to contribute to the Castle restoration works, providing high-quality opportunities of international exchange that are also occasions to learn about the rich culture and history of Okinawa and the Shurijo Castle.