Our volunteer work of beach cleanup was featured in Okinawa Times!

Koza International Plaza, operated by HelloWorld, Inc., held a beach cleanup activity at Malibu Beach in Onna Village to remove pumice stones while promoting international exchange.

A total of 21 people from seven countries, including Japanese, U.S. military, and Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) personnel, participated in the beach cleanup, collecting 200 sandbags worth of pumice in three hours. In between the work, Mario Lee, a Peruvian dancer, taught salsa dancing, and the participants conversed in English and Spanish, deepening international exchange.

Koza International Plaza, which is operated by our company, will continue to hold events to deepen international exchange, language classes, language yuntaku parties, etc. Please come help us if you are interested in these events!

Please visit us at https://www.kip-okinawa.com/