Machinaka Rogaining come to Hokkaido for the first time

Many well-known companies also co-sponsored the event!

We will hold “Machinaka Rogaining in Hokkaido University ” in collaboration with Hokkaido University’s Organization as a part of an educational program for high school students to pick up the skill for entrepreneurs. This activity is mission-completion type. Through this program, you can experience real international exchangement.

This program will provide high quality of international exchange opportunities for children in Hokkaido, with the support and sponsorship of Ishiya Confectionery, famous for its “Shiroi Koibito” brand, Co-op Sapporo, Satsudora, the Hokkaido Shimbun, and other leading companies in Hokkaido.

“Rogaining” is a game in which participants compete for scores while completing missions. Six high school students and one English speaker or foreign student make a group and work together in English to complete the missions set up on the campus. The missions range from easy to challenging, and participants aim to achieve a high score by improving teamwork while tackling missions related to research themes unique to universities and SDGs. Through participation in the program, students will develop qualities and abilities related to entrepreneurship, such as a challenging spirit to tackle challenging missions, leadership, internationality, and presentation skills.

This program is part of the “EDGE-PRIME Initiative” of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), which aims to expand entrepreneurship education to high school students.

【Date】Sunday, October 15th 13:00〜17:00
【Meeting Place】Hokkaido University Food & Medical Innovation (FMI) International Center
【Organizer】Hokkaido University Organization for Industry-Academia-Community Collaboration
【Operation】 HelloWorld Inc.
【Sponsors】Co-op Sapporo, Satsura Holdings Co., Ltd., Ishiya Seika Co., Ltd., Fujii Building Co., Ltd., WONDER CREW Co., Ltd., Takahashi Group
【Support】 HSFC, Startup Hokkaido, Hokkaido Shimbun Co., Ltd., Dosankoshima Project, Izumi Holdings Co., Ltd.
【Participation fee】Free
【Target】 High school students in Hokkaido
【Capacity】100 people

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