HelloWorld Unveils Product Rebranding: MACHINAKA ENGLISH QUEST

HelloWorld’s mission-based, all-English cultural exchange program Machinaka Rogaining has changed its name to MACHINAKA ENGLISH QUEST.

Inspiration Behind the Name and Logo Rebranding

With the goal of creating a society where it is normal to have a friend from every country in the world, HelloWorld aims to provide high-quality English education and cultural exchange opportunities to allow anyone to experience cultural exchange first-hand in an accessible way, without being held back by financial limitations or time constraints.

So far, over 13,000 children have participated in Machinaka Rogaining, experiencing real English interactions and diverse international exchange alongside English Speakers from over 80 countries.

Participants have shared their feedback, expressing how they were able to enjoy themselves despite feeling uneasy about their English skills. They gained confidence as they realized their thoughts were effectively communicated, even with the English they learned back in middle school. Instead of just focusing on expanding their vocabulary and grammar knowledge, they expressed a desire to learn English as a communication tool. Thanks to the many English Speakers who engaged in conversations, participants found it easier to challenge themselves and quickly establish a connection, sparking their curiosity to learn more about other countries. Through this program, children are indeed experiencing a “global adventure”, using English as a practical tool for communication.

Through this program, we hope to continue providing opportunities for participants to explore various cities and dive into the diverse global communities within Japan. By facilitating mutual understanding with a wide range of English speakers, we aim to foster appreciation for diversity and cultivate an international mindset among participants. Our ultimate goal is to empower individuals to become globally competent professionals who can thrive in diverse environments.

With these aspirations in mind, we have renamed the program “MACHINAKA ENGLISH QUEST” or “Machi-Que” for short. Under this name, we will continue to offer high-quality programs of English immersion.

Program Details


This program involves walking through the city while communicating in English with multinational English speakers and aiming to clear missions, much like a game. Currently, it is being conducted in a total of 11 locations, including Hokkaido, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, and Okinawa.

Participants form teams consisting of about six individuals and one English Speaker. Together, they search for designated checkpoints, solve quizzes related to the area or the English speaker, and complete various missions such as filming commercial videos for the respective location. They compete to earn points by successfully completing these missions.

This program has received high praise, with participants expressing that they naturally develop a love for English while enjoying exposure to the language and multicultural experiences. Moreover, as the game’s success relies on teamwork among team members, it fosters leadership qualities and improves non-cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills such as motivation, perseverance, patience, creativity, and communication, while also providing practical practice in the four skills of English learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Survey-based Learning Outcomes

  1. Increased Interest in English: 89.7% of participants reported a heightened interest in English, indicating a greater curiosity and engagement with the language.
  2. Elevated Motivation for Foreign Language Learning: 84.1% of respondents expressed an increased motivation to learn foreign languages, suggesting a newfound drive and commitment to language acquisition.
  3. Heightened Interest in Different Cultures: 87.4% of participants noted a heightened interest in diverse cultures, indicating a greater appreciation and curiosity for cultural diversity and global perspectives.

Machinaka English Quest Official Homepage: https://host.hello-world.city/english-quest/