We won 2 Awards! Social Innovation Challenge Japan!

HelloWorld won both the CVC Special Award and the Audience Award at the Final Pitch Contest of the Social Innovation Challenge Japan. 

The contest is a part of Youth Co: Lab, a program to support young people in solving social issues, co-sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Representative Office in Japan, Citi Foundation, and other organizations.

Our “Machinaka Cultural Exchange Program,” provides an educational experience in the community for the children unable to study abroad due to economic circumstances. It aims to motivate them to learn more, and to expand peace at the grassroots. At the contest, we proposed that the “Machinaka Cultural Exchange Program” will be further expanded through the establishment of a fund.

The CVC Special Award, for the team that proposed a business idea or initiative to address the social issues in this Covid Pandemic, praised our achievement that opened up new possibilities for the community.

We also thankfully won the Audience Award receiving 79 audience votes out of 190.

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s support and votes and hope to continue to provide opportunities for more of the next generation of children to join the Machinaka Cultural Exchange Program.

– Marimo Higa and other staff from HelloWorld