Wellulu Interview Features HelloWorld Staff

Wellbeing-centered media website “Wellulu” published an interview featuring Yuka Kodama, PR Director of HelloWorld Cultural Exchange, and Giulia Verzini, Program Coordinator.

In the article, they discussed the business activities HelloWorld is undertaking, future prospects for a well-being-oriented society, and their respective career perspectives.

HelloWorld, Inc. has introduced a groundbreaking program, “HelloWorld Cultural Exchange” to facilitate international exchanges for those who aspire to study abroad but face financial or other constraints. This initiative enables participants to experience language learning and cultural immersion while staying in Japan, fostering connections with host families from over 50 different nationalities.

In an interview conducted by Hidari Tatsuya of the Wellulu editorial department, HelloWorld employees Kodama Yuka and Giulia Verzini share insights into the genesis of this innovative venture and its significance.

Kodama, PR Director for HelloWorldCultural Exchange Program, brings a wealth of experience and a passion for expanding children’s horizons. Meanwhile, Verzini, Program Coordinator originally from Italy, adds linguistic expertise and a deep commitment to fostering cross-cultural understanding.

The “study abroad locally” concept emerged in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, aiming to bridge the gap between those longing for international experiences and those unable to pursue them. With programs like “HelloWorld Cultural Exchange” and “WorldClassroom,” HelloWorld aims to make global education more accessible and promote diversity and inclusivity in society.

Participants of all ages, from children to seniors, benefit from these programs, which not only enhance language skills but also foster confidence, empathy, and a broader worldview. By creating opportunities for cultural exchange and mutual learning, HelloWorld seeks to cultivate a more interconnected and harmonious society.

Through initiatives like cooking experiences and cultural exchanges, participants forge meaningful connections with host families and gain a deeper appreciation for diverse cultures. These experiences not only enrich individuals’ lives but also contribute to building stronger communities and promoting well-being.

Looking ahead, HelloWorld envisions expanding its educational offerings to empower children with choices and opportunities for self-expression. Both Kodama and Verzini share a deep sense of gratitude for the transformative impact of their work and remain committed to fostering a more inclusive and interconnected world through education and cultural exchange.

Original article in Japanese:

▼ Expanding the “possibilities” of children. Creating well-being connections through international exchanges that resonate with the heart. <HelloWorld> https://wellulu.com/family-growth/17993/